Xiaomi 12 Pro Review


So I have reviewed the Xiaomi 12. make sure you  catch my video of that one it's in the channel the .Full in-depth review but now it is time for the  larger model xiaomi's 12 pro so this has a 6.73  Inch screen which is an ltpo 12 bit one billion  color amoled screen that's 120 hertz it's an.Impressive display there's a bit of a curve to it  we've got a 50 megapixel camera as our main one .On the rear which is the sony imx 707 50 megapixel  two times optical camera which is a bit of an odd. Choice because most people would just use two  times digital zoom which is normally actually  .Pretty good nowadays and a 50 megapixel ultra  wide it has a really great build to it with .Gorilla glass vectus and an in-screen fingerprint  reader all powered of course by the new snapdragon  .8 gen 1 a four nanometer chip and this model  here that i've got has eight gigabytes of ram .And 128 gigabytes of ufs 3.1 storage is it  a good phone or does it suffer from the same ,Issues that i encountered with the smaller xiaomi  12 model let's find out in this in depth review  

And inside the box you will find here a sim tray  tool and a clear case that of course fits it  .perfectly it's got all the cutouts that it needs  and they've even reduced the thickness of the  Plastic where the antenna lines are not to affect  the signal strength there which probably third  .Party cases wouldn't even bother about doing that  there's a few other things in here a little bit of .

 Xiaomi 12 Pro Review


Paperwork and whatnot but that is all in chinese  and then the cable that we get typical xiaomi .High quality type c2 type a cable and our charger  this one is not a bad size 120 watts so it takes. Approximately 20 minutes to fully charge the  xiaomi 12 pro yes it is that fast now build  .Quality of these xiaomi phones their new flagship  i do like it's a little bit more subdued compared .

To some of their earlier designs i mean the mi  11 still is one of my favorites but i do think.That these look great they look quite classy the  phones so blue finish with the xiaomi 12 here and.The matte black one i really like this finish  so it doesn't show or pick up any fingerprints .Really it seems quite good in that regard and  we have the curvature to the screen on the ends .Of it so in hand feels a little bit better now  this black when you hold it up to the sun at  .Certain angles you can see in the light a bit of  a sparkle coming through which is just underneath .The surface of that 


glass i think it does look  really good then our camera layout here on the .Back i do like the fact that we've just got the  three camera modules here now and not having like.  

Five or four or useless cameras that you wouldn't  really use so they do have the main camera 50 .Megapixel it is that new imx 707 we've got a 50  megapixel ultra wide and then a 50 megapixel two.Times optical which is a bit odd i guess they're  saving the five times or the ten times optical  .For the xiaomi 12 ultra that is probably where  we'll see it xiaomi branding here on the back it's .Quite subdued as well you don't really see it it  doesn't stand out a lot and then the outside frame.

This is all metal you can see some antenna lines  here but really nice high quality finish and build .With these new flagships down the bottom  we've got our type c port unfortunately still .No video out come on xiaomi it's usb 2.0 spec so  not only does it not have video out it's also well.


Pretty damn slow should be a lot faster microphone  one of two harman kardon tuned speakers and then .Our sim tray which takes two nano sims okay no  micro sd card support but hey we knew that they .. Just don't do it with flagships but we get it on  their budget and mid ranges which is good at least.Up the top ir transmitter secondary mic and that  second harmon colon speaker now these buttons that .Are on the right side good location i can get my  thumb quite easily to the power on button volume .

Up and down they have not done a pixel if you've  seen the pixel or you know the pixel they decided.To be clever google and reverse it around compared  to everyone else but we didn't have that at least  .With xiaomi which was great and they're made out  of metal they do feel really good those buttons  .And then moving over to our display this is  a ltpo amoled display 1 billion colors 12.  

Bit 120 hertz dolby vision hdr 10 plus and up  to 1500 nits maximum brightness wow so it's a . Display that offers a hell of a lot now one  thing that i have seen that's happening with  

This display is a bit of banding if you jump in  here to the display settings you'll notice that .

Oh hang on where is the dc dimming option they've  got it but it's hidden away in developer options . Unfortunately, so you sometimes might see on  camera but abandoning especially depending on.What you're recording with you'll see a ton of it  now in sunlight you can make it out quite easily . Even though here yes it's it's got this banding  going through it like crazy trust 


me in person .You don't actually see that you're not gonna see  that at all but stands out looks great and you can.Read everything in the sunlight now we've got the  color scheme options here which i do love to see .From xiaomi plenty of different options there too  that we can tweak and adjust this display to your .own preference and finally they've given us this  i am very happy to see 90 hertz so i can put it on. 

To 90 hertz and that's the best of the fluidity  of the ui and battery saving as i get onto that.Later on in this review i'll tell you what the  battery life at 120 hertz is like and it's not Amazing as you'd expect it does take a toll on the  battery so excellent top tier display in this do. You see a huge step up from say the mile even  ultras display of the m11 display to this one.Not really those 


Dfferences in the color  reproduction the ltpo versus what we had before. You're not really going to see it in such a small  scale here now if we're talking about a 65-inch tv . Then that might be different but still don't get  me wrong great to have an excellent screen with.A lot of tech in it now you might see at times  that it looks like it's going to stutter well .What's because sometimes it does actually do  that now gestures i've really had no problems  With it's getting better we've had now two big  firmware updates and i've had a bit of a problem .

With some apps like for example like play store  all right saying it's not fully compatible now .64-bit architecture okay that's interesting  i never saw that before the recent patch has. 


Just done that now and this has been very janky  they're loading on this and the scrolling is just. Absolutely look at that look at that that's just  terrible and after two patches xiaomi has still .Uot fixed this and it's because it's the chinese  rom so the chinese team obviously they're not .Uocusing on google apps because that and gmail are  terrible and another one that's pretty poor too . is even twitter that i've been running on this  i do find that it's sometimes it has quite a bit .Of stutter lag and you know it's not perfect yet  now a couple of times i have seen this system have.

A bit of animation lag too as well that i'm  not too happy about so clearly to me miui 13  

Has quite a few bugs and a lot of work  still needed onto our loudspeakers now .So you would think the larger phone would have  the better tuned harman kardon speakers right .Wrong it's actually the smaller xiaomi 12  sounds to my ears louder and marginally .Wetter than the 12 pro here's a sample  at both of them at hundred percent volume.So this was the last patch that came through which  they do claim is a miui 13 stable version but yeah .It's far from stable still feels like a bit of a  beta now battery life you're looking at 120 hertz .With this fixed battery life test that i always do  in my reviews this is pc mark set the brightness. To 200 nits let it run okay eight hours just over  eight hours in real world use you're looking about. Six-seven hours maybe of on screen time at 120  hertz now if you cut that refresh rate down to 60 .You get then about 10 hours 9 hours and becomes  quite a bit better so if you're someone that  .Prefers battery life over that real fast and  smooth 120 hertz definitely do that otherwise .I keep it always on 120 hertz after all that is  what you're paying for but 90.Hertz with this .Model is a great sweet spot that that xiaomi 12  does not have it's only 60 or 120 hertz so great .We have that in between option now gps typical  qualcomm that has been now for years that uh it .Works well good average signal strength and the  accuracy will not be any better than three meters .It's just how it is with them it's a restriction  that they have and geekbench five score so not .Bad at all this is quite a good single core score  there that's coming from that snapdragon 8 gen 1.And this is the internal storage speed  so i've got 128 gigabytes ufs 3.1 here And blazing fast speeds really good now  these are not the highest i have seen but .Look at those random reads and writes they  are super good over 300 megabytes per second .So that's not going to bottleneck anything  at all now the wildlife score here .Xiaomi 12 pro gets uh close to almost 10  000 and an average frames per second of 56.4 .Super good so a big step up with that gpu with  these smaller light workloads but once it gets a .Bit heavy yeah things do happen which we'll get on  to later on you get well throttling and here look .At the gpu score here too that we get with antutu  so almost a millin point score the big jump 

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