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Hey everyone with all of real me`s releases it can be a little bit confusing to tell which one of their phones you should buy if any this hasn't gotten any easier with the release of their 7 series .Which is more of an upgrade to their 6 

 series rather than a complete evolution 

 we've already covered the realm 7 pro so if you're interested in that phone there's a link down below.But if you're more interested in the cheaper sibling well what exactly is the deal here i'm andrew for gst marina and this is our review of the realme 7.Like most realme phones the 7 has a clean look with captivating colors the plastic back panel has a gorgeous split mirror blue color and the long quad camera setup in the corner it's a frosted finish.Which means that it's better looking than a gloss one it doesn't pick up fingerprints easily and this one in particular is easier to handle because of a better grip the phone weighs 197 grams and it's a bit thicker and heavier than the real me six likely due to the bigger.Battery still it's very comfortable and secure in the hand where it isn't secure is anywhere around water this phone.  Has no increased water resistance ip rated or otherwise advertised so you should be careful even in the rain scratch resistance is hopefully better with the gorilla glass 3 protection.On the front actually on the front you'll find a rather standard setup there's a hole punch in the upper left corner and a sliver of an earpiece on the top bezel there's no notification led.Which is no surprise because the bezels are quite slim on the right side of the phone you'll find the power button which doubles as a fingerprint reader when it works it's fast.Fast like all side readers it's also easy to block it with too many false unlock attempt 

 caused by accidental reads when you're just handling or carrying the phone on the left side of the phone there's a try card slot for two sim cards and a micro sd card just in case the base64 gigabytes of storage isn't enough for you.But you can also opt for 128 gigabytes of base storage just like our phone the screen is the same as on the six it's a 6.5 inch ips lcd with a 1080p resolution and we're really happy that it still.  Comes with a 90 hertz refresh rate actually this is a rather premium display for the budget sector especially when you take the refresh rate the large size and the good pixel density into.Account brightness was good too and we got a max of 457 nits in manual mode and 526 nits in auto at its lowest brightness it got 3.8 nits so it should be comfy to use in the dark.Too as far as colors are concerned there are no correction options so what you see is what you getthey're lively but not accurate and we found that whites and grays shifted visibly towards blue the phone has a single loudspeaker on the bottom alongside 3.5 millimeter headphone jack while we're happy to see the legacy port the speaker was rather average it had very good loudness.In our tests and while vocals were handled well lower frequencies were lacking.

Realme Phone

 the phone comes with a mediatek helio g95t chipset and either four six or eight gigs of ram it's basically the overclocked version.  Of the helio g90t and the real me six we had the highest spec option for testing in general this is a very capable chip for the class and you'll have lag free performance.Not to mention very few games actually take advantage of that high refresh rate screen so usually it won't be pushed to its limits as far as competition goes it's not hugely different from the six and tests.So this shouldn't be a huge differentiating factor if you're deciding between the two where you will find a bigger difference is battery life the real me 7 has a huge 5 000 milliamp hour battery and it scored an excellent 126 hours.Of endurance this is actually a significant improvement on the 6 which scored a rating of 20 hours less on our tests charging was also excellent.And we got a 50 charge in 26 minutes and a full charge in 65. this is a bit slower than the 6 which got a full charge in 51 but the battery size is much larger here the real me 7 has android 10 with realme ui 1.0 the launcher is minimalistic. 

 And it looks similar to vanilla android there's an easy to use task switcher a dark mode a clutter free app drawer and there are even some customization options you can choose between different icon packs and fully customize.Them to your liking you'll also find a smart sidebar on the edge of the screen which you can customize with actions and app shortcuts as someone who's been using realme's previous ui for a while i often forget.It's there but it's still a nice option to have so now how is the quad camera set up well first you should know that if you're in asia you get a 64 megapixel quad bear primary sensor and if you're 

 in the rest.Of the world you get a 48 megapixel quad bayer one other than that the ultra wide the macro camera and the depth sensor are identical.Between the two models we'll be talking about the 48 megapixel version from here on out the phone outputs 12 megapixel images by default and we found that the quality was a bit inconsistent.When get brighter and less noisy shots but the photos are still pretty mediocre the real me can capture footage at up to 4k at 30fps with the main camera while the ultrawide is limited to full hd.  At 30fps 4k shots don't have the realme 7 pros for stabilization so they're

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